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Not all elderly people have family to celebrate Grandparents Day with them. In fact, many of our most celebrated older citizens live lonely lives in retirement or nursing homes. While we are always concerned with our own family members, the first Sunday after Labor Day that is designated as Grandparents Day is about more than celebrating our own relatives. It was set forth to honor all the elderly who have done so much to shape our universe.

For this reason, one way to spend the holiday, especially if your own grandparents are no longer around, is to visit a nursing home and provide some companionship and entertainment for other elderly members of our society. And in case you are putting off this visit because you arent sure what to do, here are a few tips for entertaining the elderly.

While recognizing that it is a holiday and wishing the bed residents a happy Grandparents Day, the important thing is to treat them as the respected citizens they are and provide some form of entertainment that they typically would not get. Many older people enjoy playing cards or board games, such as checkers, chess, or bridge. Also, watching a fun family movie with them is a way to spend a quiet, relaxed afternoon.

If they are up to it, simply going for a walk can bring their mood up. Perhaps spending time looking through their family photo albums with them can be exciting, as they get to share special memories that bring back happiness.


One thing that always cheers the elderly is a visit with animals. Many older people adore hospital double bed usa dogs, and playing with puppies often literally rids these respected people of depression. If possible, take a puppy with you to play with the residents of the nursing home, and, if pets are not allowed, consider rescuing one or two of these live-ins and taking them somewhere that they can play with these cuddly animals.

With so many options, its not hard to entertain the elderly for a single special day every year. More than anything, most of these lonely people are grateful for the company, and if they arent really in condition for any kind of physical activity, at least you can listen to them and let them share their life experiences.